RNC headquarters evacuated over vials of blood sent to former President Trump

 May 23, 2024

Former President Donald Trump said this week that he was targeted for assassination after the release of documents showing FBI agents were authorized to use deadly force when raiding his Florida home.

What's more, headquarters for the Republican National Committee had to be locked down on Wednesday after vials of blood bearing Trump's name were sent there.

RNC chairman calls incident a "biological attack"

According to the New York Post, the Capitol Police's Hazardous Incident Response Division was dispatched to the building while staff were evacuated.

A statement from the Capitol Police explained that a package containing two vials of blood was removed from the premises and an investigation has been opened.

The incident was also addressed in another statement by RNC chairman Michael Whatley, who referred to it as a "biological attack.

"Today, vials of blood were sent to RNC Headquarters in DC. We are thankful to law enforcement, who responded quickly and ensured everyone’s safety," Whatley declared.

Trump supporters attacked in Pennsylvania

"The lockdown has been cleared and staff has resumed their office duties because we remain unintimidated and undeterred in our efforts to elect President Trump to the White House," the RNC chairman asserted.

"This revolting attack comes on the heels of pro-Hamas protestors violently demonstrating on college campuses and deranged Biden supporters physically attacking our campaign volunteers for supporting President Trump," Whatley went on to insist.

Whatley was apparently referring to an incident in Pennsylvania on Tuesday in which an individual could be seen yelling and lunging at a group of Trump supporters.

Conservatives denounce FBI's deadly force authorization

Meanwhile, Fox News reported that conservatives have joined Trump in denouncing the FBI's deadly force authorization during its raid last year on the former president's Mar-a-Lago resort.

"Americans of all political leanings should be outraged, and frankly shaken to the bone, by the latest details concerning the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago," said Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts.

"For his entire term, President Biden’s weaponization of the federal government against not just his political opponent, but against parents, people of faith, and conservatives is unprecedented and a grave threat to our constitutional republic," Roberts continued.

"Our political leaders in Washington must step up to the plate to hold this administration accountable, and as I have said before, the FBI should be started over from scratch and rebuilt from the ground up. The very fabric of our nation depends upon it," he added.

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