Ron DeSantis says he's not interested in serving as VP

 February 24, 2024

Given that most polls suggest former President Donald Trump is all but assured of winning the Republican Party's nomination, speculation has shifted to who he will choose as his running mate. However, one figure recently announced that he isn't interested. 

According to The Washington Times, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis ruled out any possibility of serving as Trump's vice president while speaking with supporters on a private call this week.

"I'm not doing that"

DeSantis was quoted as saying that although others in the party are "auditioning" to run with Trump, he isn't among them.

"People were mentioning me," the governor acknowledged. "I am not doing that. I know some people are really actively seeking it."

"It seems to me, just from watching the body language and stuff, that you have a handful of folks who seem to be auditioning for it," DeSantis stressed.

The governor went on to argue that Trump should avoid considering "identity politics" when selecting his running mate, saying, "Now we have a diverse Republican Party."

"Ron DeSantis failed miserably in his presidential campaign"

"I want everybody in the fold, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t want people representing 10, 15% of the party being in the driver’s seat," he declared.

Judging by comments from Trump spokesperson Karoline Leavitt, there is little chance that the former president would consider DeSantis an option anyway.

"Ron DeSantis failed miserably in his presidential campaign and does not have a voice in selecting the next vice president of the United States," Leavitt was quoted as saying in response to DeSantis' remarks.

"Rather than throw cheap shots from afar, Ron should focus on what he can do to fire [President] Joe Biden and Make America Great Again," she added.

Trump campaign official says Haley "is persona non grata"

Another person who seems to have little chance of being looked at by Trump is former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Justin Evans is Trump's director of special projects in South Carolina, and he told CNN earlier this month that Haley "is persona non grata at this point" and "represents the brand of Republicanism that Trump stands against."

"Everything the George Bush-Karl Rove wing of the party is embodied in Nikki Haley and represented by Nikki Haley," Evans insisted.

"This is their last gasp, and they know that if they lose this, they’re going to have almost an impossible task of regaining any kind of foothold not only in this election, but in the party," he went on to add.

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