Ron DeSantis warns against Biden impeachment

December 6, 2023

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is warning his party to think twice before charging into an impeachment of Joe Biden. 

DeSantis is the latest political figure to suggest that impeachment could end up being a life raft for Biden, who is seen as increasingly vulnerable.

DeSantis pushes back on impeachment

Biden is facing high disapproval and widespread concerns about his age and fitness for duty, but some Democrats have expressed hope that impeaching Biden could backfire if it is perceived as vindictive by the voters.

Some Republicans appear to agree with this analysis, including DeSantis, who warned on Meet The Press that impeachment talk should not distract Republicans from focusing on issues like the economy.

"When I'm going through Iowa, Republican voters obviously are not fond of Joe Biden. Yes, they're concerned about Hunter and all this money," he said.

"But they're more concerned about what's happening at our border. They're more concerned about what's happening with the economy," he added.

DeSantis' position sets him apart from President Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, who has urged his party to "impeach the bum."


The White House, Democrats, and the mass media have dismissed mounting evidence that Biden was involved in an influence peddling scheme with his family.

Biden's defenders cite the lack of a smoking gun that shows Biden profited, but Republicans say there is a complicated money trail.

Some Republicans have suggested, as an alternative, that Biden should be impeached for opening up the southern border. But the party leadership has had difficulty finding support from moderates, who are wary of co-signing an effort they fear will hurt them during election time.

Others point out that an impeachment is virtually guaranteed to end in Biden's acquittal in the Democratically controlled Senate.

Still, the GOP's base is hungry to see some measure of accountability for Biden's flagrant wrongdoing.

Despite misgivings within the Republican party, House Speaker Mike Johnson (La.) plans to bring a vote next week to formally launch an impeachment inquiry.

“This vote is not a vote to impeach President Biden,” Johnson said. “This is a vote to continue the inquiry of impeachment, and that’s a necessary constitutional step. I believe we’ll get every vote that we have.”

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