Ronald Reagan's daughter reveals secret behind parents' marriage

 December 31, 2023

Former President Ronald Reagan's daughter, Patti Davis, has disclosed what she believes to be the true reason behind her father's marriage to former First Lady Nancy Reagan.

In her upcoming memoir, titled "Dear Mom and Dad: A Letter About Family Memory, and the America We Once Knew," Davis reveals that her mother convinced Reagan to marry her after becoming pregnant with the former president's first-born child from their union.

The story

According to Davis, she is skeptical that her mother's out-of-wedlock pregnancy was a result of carelessness. Instead, she suggests that it was the hidden motivation behind her parents' marriage.

Davis contends that her father, who had previously made a pact with his first wife, Jane Wyman, not to remarry before her, broke that agreement by marrying Nancy.

Reagan, Davis writes, was on a dinner date when he learned about Nancy's pregnancy.

Realizing the situation, he immediately excused himself and contacted Wyman to inform her that he needed to break their pact due to the impending pregnancy.

The memoir

Davis reflects on the complexity of family stories, acknowledging that they are often more significant, messy, and tender than initially believed.

Her memoir aims to delve into the intricacies of her family history and relationships, offering a nuanced perspective on the Reagans.

Scheduled for release on February 6, Davis's memoir provides a personal exploration of her admiration for her father and the challenges in her relationship with her mother.

Titled "Dear Mom and Dad," the book promises to offer insights into family dynamics, memories and reflections on America's past.

Nancy Reagan's background

Nancy, having faced setbacks in her acting career, was among the women Reagan, then a Hollywood star, was romantically involved with following his divorce from his first wife, the Academy Award winner Jane Wyman.

In their nine-year marriage, Wyman and Reagan had two children, Michael and Maureen, along with a third, Christine, who tragically passed away shortly after birth.

According to Patti's narrative, her father and Wyman had previously 'made a pact' that Reagan wouldn't remarry before Wyman did. Despite Reagan's contentment with dating various women and his lack of eagerness to enter into marriage again, Davis highlights in her account.

The turning point changed the Reagan family and later impacted the world as the former president served during some of the nation's most transformative years.

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