Royal Family Insider Claimed Palace Lied To Public

 March 25, 2024

When Princess Kate took a long absence from the public eye to recover from surgery, the rumors and speculations discussing the “real reason” for Kate’s absence began to fly.

From a divorce from Prince William to questioning if Kate was even alive, the theorists had thought of it all.

One of those theorists was Christopher Bouzy, a technology entrepreneur and acquaintance of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.

Unlike many conspiracy theorists, Bouzy has a unique insight because he has a relationship with Harry and Megan.

Bouzy took to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to share the bizarre details he has noticed.

“We were told Kate was recovering and would resume her royal duties shortly. Yet, in the recent video, she is holding a bag and moving briskly. If she’s capable of such activity, why isn’t she back to fulfilling her royal duties yet,” Bouzy wrote on X.

He did not stop there.

“I’ve compiled a few older videos of William and Kate walking together, as well as the recent video from Windsor Farm. Take a look and decide for yourself if it’s Kate or not. In my opinion, we still haven’t seen Kate in public,” Bouzy wrote on X.

Not long after Bouzy wrote on X, Princess Kate’s shared her cancer diagnosis with the world.

Since the news, many of the theorists have stopped being vocal online.

However, Bouzy is not one of those people.

Cancer diagnosis or not, Bouzy still believes the palace owes an answer for releasing doctored photos in an attempt to deceive the world.

Bouzy took to X again to make a new statement.

“The palace lied, and the British press happily helped them lie. The countless "conspiracy theory" headlines, while knowing a lot of what was being said was true. This is really some North Korea / Trumpian type of propaganda,” Bouzy wrote in his recent X post.

“I am sorry to hear Kate has cancer, and I hope she has a full recovery. But it is also clear that all three earlier photos of her were fake, and the palace tried to cover it up,” Bouzy continued.

If Bouzy is right, should the palace be held accountable for intentionally trying to deceive the world?

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