Rubber chickens meant to disrupt Trump at Libertarian convention confiscated by Secret Service

 May 27, 2024

The Libertarian Party recently held its convention and among those in attendance and vying for support were Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and former President Donald Trump. 

Reportedly, a Super PAC for Kennedy came up with a plan to pass out rubber chickens to the attendees before Trump's speech at the convention. The toy chickens are the type that make an obnoxious noise.

While many anti-Trumpers applauded the idea, according to Breitbart, the plan was ultimately quashed by U.S. Secret Service agents, who ended up confiscating the rubber chicken toys from convention attendees.

The plan, reportedly, was to interrupt Trump during his speech.

What happened?

The rubbery chicken toys all contained the words "Debate Bobby" on them, a ploy to get RFK Jr. some debate time with Trump, even though Kennedy's polling numbers are running extremely low.

Fox News reporter Alexis McAdams noted:

“RFK has been passing these out,” McAdams said as she held up a yellow rubber chicken. “These are rubber chickens he was giving out to people here at the convention.”

“They say tonight people are going to be squeezing these, I guess when Trump’s on that stage because they want to see him to take him on on the debate stage.”

"Secret Service agents are confiscating the rubber chickens the pro-RFK Jr super PAC handed out to attendees to disrupt Trump’s speech tonight at the Libertarian convention. 'No lighters, no water bottles, no noisy chickens,' one agent yelled out to people in line," CNN's Kate Sullivan reported.

Kennedy, along with many of his supporters, have accused President Joe Biden and Trump of "colluding" to keep him out of the upcoming scheduled debates between the two, which will take place in June and September.

A third debate invitation from NBC/Telemundo was declined by the Biden campaign earlier this month.

Social media reacts

Many across social media weighed in on the rubber chicken controversy. Podcast host Alex Jones was reportedly angry about the toy chickens, promising Kennedy and their campaign retribution for the failed stunt.

"Alex Jones promises “total attack on RFK Jr.” after RFK passed out rubber chickens at the libertarian convention to disrupt Trump’s speech... 'You’re getting it now!'" one X user reported.

Another X user wrote, "This is a complete set up against Trump 100%. This is why no one will ever take libertarians seriously."

So far, there's no indication that Kennedy will be on a debate stage, but he's still ciphoning votes away from both campaigns.

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