Rumors that Obama wears makeup are finally settled

 December 26, 2023

Never mind whether Obama is secretly running Joe Biden's presidency, or whether he's going to strong-arm his wife into replacing Biden so he can keep doing so for another four years--the important question is, does he wear makeup?

Celebrity news and gossip site Nicki Swift set out on Christmas day to settle 10-year-old rumors that former President Barack Obama wore bronzer for television appearances and other occasions where he was expected to look good.

The rumors started in 2013, when HuffPost asked whether Obama was wearing bronzer for his inauguration for a second term in 2013.

Despite gray hairs and worry lines, the outlet noted, Obama looked "refreshed, rested and really glowy" at his second inauguration.

"Five years younger"

CNN commentators said he looked "five years younger," despite the stress of the presidency which often makes chief executives look a decade older for each term they serve.

It's not really a secret that presidents and other male public figures typically wear some makeup for televised appearances and some other public events, and have done so since the 1950s.

Lights used with cameras are hot, and give a rather harsh light that needs to be softened by artificial means just to make those who sit under them look normal and comfortable.

Nicki Swift pointed out that makeup in the 1950s often looked very blatant and noticeable, but now, it is just mainly to disguise shine and noticeable flaws and give a more natural look.

You really shouldn't be able to tell that someone is wearing it, other than that they don't look pale and washed out.

He has a makeup artist

The question was pretty settled when Nicki Swift brought up Obama's makeup artist, Karen Lynn Accattato.

Why would he have a makeup artist if he didn't wear makeup, after all?

Besides wearing makeup at times, Accattato has said that "cleansing, shaving, and moisturizing are key for every man."

She also advised regular trims, lip care, and eyebrow maintenance if men want to look polished and presentable.

"It's designed to fit into any guy's routine—even the president of the United States," she said of her recommended routine.

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