Sam Harris says it's Republicans who have "Trump Derangement Syndrome"

March 16, 2023

Neuroscientist Sam Harris was accused of suffering from "Trump Derangement Syndrome" last year after he said that even the presence of dead children in Hunter Biden's basement would not cause him to vote for the former president.

Yet rather than reflect on the absurdity of his words, Harris recently argued that Trump supporters are the ones with mental health problems.  

Harris calls Trump Derangement Syndrome "a clever meme"

TimCast reported that Harris made the claim on Wednesday during an interview with podcast host Lex Friedman.

"I think Trump Derangement Syndrome is a clever meme because it just throws the problem back on the person who’s criticizing Trump," Harris declared.

"In truth, the true Trump Derangement Syndrome was not to have seen how dangerous and divisive it would be to promote someone like Trump to that position of power," he continued.

Harris "would not have cared" if Hunter Biden had dead children in his basement

While Harris has long been known for his harsh criticism of Trump, the neuroscientist raised eyebrows this past summer when he told the hosts of Triggernometry, "Hunter Biden literally could have had the corpses of children in his basement [and] I would not have cared."

Harris' bizarre comments regarding hypothetical children in Hunter Biden's basement were not the only example of him making unhinged remarks.

According to Fox News, Harris suggested in January that "in some sense we were unlucky" COVID was not deadlier for children.

"No f--king patience for vaccine skepticism"

"Had COVID been worse, you know. Just enough worse to really get our attention, to really be undeniable, we would've had a different political conversation around it. There wouldn't have been the same kind of vaccine skepticism," he continued.

"Leave COVID exactly as it is, but just make it preferentially dangerous to children rather than to old people. Right, you just flip that around, the variable of age. If kids were dying by the hundreds of thousand, from COVID, at a rate of whatever it was, one percent say," Harris contended.

"But if it was pretty much all kids, we would have had a very different experience. And the patience, there would've been no f--king patience for vaccine skepticism, right," he concluded.

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