San Francisco bakery owner puts Pelosi, others on blast after business burglarized for sixth time

 January 1, 2023

After being victimized by a string of burglaries, including an especially brazen one on Dec. 26, the frustrated owner of a popular San Francisco bakery has publicly called out Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and the city's own mayor, London Breed, blasting their failure to protect his and other such establishments from escalating crime, as CBS News reports.

The Le Marais Bakery, situated in the city's famous Castro District, is owned by Patrick Ascaso, who took to Facebook to post photos of the devastating scene and express his feelings of hopelessness about the situation that he sees as only getting worse, not better.

Bakery ransacked

Last week marked the sixth time the popular business was hit by those looking to inflict damage and loss, something at which the criminals involved did with resounding success.

As CBS News noted, the sales counter was torn apart, cables ripped from their housings, iPads stolen, a collection of holiday presents for the staff taken, and even an industrial safe carried off after being carried up and out of the building's basement.

“It was screwed to the floor,” said bakery manager Youssra Meknassi of the safe, adding, “I don't know what they did to unscrew it from the floor, but yeah.”

Owner blasts pols

Though the bakery's owners were out of town at the time of the incident, they did not hold back in a social media posting describing the increasingly unbearable climate for small businesses in San Francisco due to a lack of action on the part of local, state, and national political figures.

“They took everything from our Castro cafe last night, even our industrial safe from the basement. @londonbreed, @speakerpelosi @gavinnewsom if you cannot protect San Francisco's small, local, family-owned businesses, how can our city thrive?” the owner's Facebook post began.

The message continued, “We are heartbroken. We put so much heart into this location, we take such good care to make it beautiful and serve beautiful food and do our best on every level, and this is just too sad."

"It happens over and over and nothing changes. Please, San Francisco and California leaders, do more to care for our city and its small businesses. We deserve better,” said Ascaco.

"Path toward decline"

Those living near the bakery were similarly distressed by the break-in as well as the dangerous trend they have watched engulf their beloved city in recent years, with neighbor Patrick Freeman remarking on the situation, “It just breaks my heart. These people are the best. I live right across the street. All the leaders of the city need to be pitching in. You can't keep having businesses getting broken into. Where are the police?”

Meknassi also observed, “It's just sad. Everyone put their effort into this place and we try to make it nice. It happens over and over again,” aptly adding, “[i]t doesn't impact, again, just the owner. It impacts everyone.”

It is not just mom and pop storefront owners sounding the alarm about San Francisco's crime problem, as Fox Business reported back in September. The outlet quoted Hamid Moghadam, CEO of Prologis, a real estate company based in the city, who was personally robbed outside his residence in broad daylight, an incident that prompted his own appeal to state and local leaders to take stronger action when it comes to those determined to victimize others.

“It is now difficult for me to tell potential clients that they should move to San Francisco. We pay some of the highest taxes, local and state, in the nation, yet we have no sense of security,” he wrote.

“Protecting public safety should be the government's top priority – that is the foundation of a successful city,” Moghadam added, but with woke criminal justice reform priorities seeming to rule the day, his prediction that the town “may be so far down the path toward decline that we may never recover” could indeed prove true.

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