Sarah Kennedy, granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, marries on the Family Estate, with Kennedy Heirlooms

 August 22, 2023

Sarah Kennedy, the granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy, has married, according to a report in People Online.

Sarah, a member of the illustrious Kennedy family and granddaughter of the renowned politician Robert F. Kennedy, married her Harvard Business School student spouse Jam Sulahry on Saturday.

On the historic Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, the couple exchanged vows, with the ceremony and cocktail hour conducted in the RFK House, named after her grandfather.

The reception was then held at the John F. Kennedy-named JFK House. The ceremony was organized and designed by Kate Murtaugh Events & Design, with Beach Plum Floral Design in charge of the flowers.

From the Family

“We chose to host our wedding weekend events at the Kennedy Compound and surrounding family homes because of how special it is to us as a backdrop to our lives,” Sarah, the daughter of Chris Kennedy, tells PEOPLE.

“It is where we have celebrated the great times and come together in heartbreaking times. It truly feels like coming home.”

The couple was legally wed on June 17, 2022, in a small Pakistani ceremony known as a Nikah, although their large celebration took place this past weekend. This date marks the 72nd anniversary of the wedding of Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy.

According to the couple, Sarah and Sulahry's relationship can be traced back to Massachusetts.

“[We] attended Boston College and met the night before freshman-year classes started,” Sarah recounts. Before the first day of school, Boston College took students to Target to pick up any last-minute items for their dorms. "In Aisle 10, Jam laid eyes on [me] for the first time and asked, ‘Want to shop with me?'"

The Relationship's Growth

Later, on their first official date, the couple shared pastries in Boston's North End. Instead of using public transportation, Sarah and Sulahry "walked and talked the entire 11 miles back to campus."

In addition to incorporating Sulahry's Pakistani heritage into their nuptials, which was largely dedicated to commemorating the Kennedy legacy (the couple even took their engagement photographs on JFK's sailboat), the newlyweds also paid tribute to the Kennedy legacy.

This included a Mehndi ceremony the night before the wedding, which featured "choreographed Bollywood-style dances, henna tattoos, Pakistani desserts, and traditional Pakistani and Indian music."

The bride and groom chose pinks and oranges for the ceremony's color scheme because they were “inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the Cape Cod coast, Sulahry’s Pakistani culture, [our] love for the water, and the natural gardens and landscape of the Kennedy Compound.”

“Our wedding is unique because we combine [my] Irish Catholic roots with Sulahry’s Muslim Pakistani roots to celebrate our love joyfully,” Sarah notes.

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