'Satan is real': Dolly Parton shocks television viewers with bold warning

 December 6, 2022

Country legend Dolly Parton sent a bold message to an increasingly secular nation that has lost touch with its Christian roots, warning television viewers that "Satan is real."

The "Nine to Five" singer admonished Satan as the destroyer of "everything good and beautiful" during a primetime Christmas special on NBC.

Dolly Parton admonishes Satan

Channeling fellow country legends the Louvin Brothers, she said, "My brothers and my sisters: I’m here to tell you that Satan is real."

"He is real and walking around amongst us, trying to destroy everything that’s good and beautiful,” she said. “He wants to break our hearts and minds, destroy our dreams and plans. He wants to tear us up in little pieces, break us down and send us straight to hell.”

Parton concluded the speech with a hopeful message that God triumphs over all evil.

“Oh my God can do anything. My God can heal the sick, mend broken hearts, and take our souls to heaven. So Satan, listen up, in God’s name I rebuke you. I stand up in his name, look you in the eye, and laugh in your ugly face," Parton said.

Bold message

The singer gave the speech during a performance of her song "Go To Hell," which is addressed to Satan, admonishing the evildoer to "go back where you belong."

“Take your wars and your politics, your lust, and your greed, and go to hell in a handbasket, ’cause heaven waits for me,” she sang. “You’re a cheat, you’re a liar, you’re a scoundrel and a thief."

The unabashedly Christian performance was a rare spectacle for an America that is increasingly besotted with a godless, woke ideology that teaches that abortion is sacred, that people can change their God-given form at will, and that people are either elect, or hopelessly corrupt, based on their skin color.

Changing nation

The number of Americans identifying as atheists is rising, with a Pew Survey finding that just 63 percent of Americans say they are Christian, a drop from 75 percent a decade ago.

While Parton uses her fame to spread her faith, politicians like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who claim to be "devout" have pridefully used God's name to justify their political party's perverse teachings.

President Biden has claimed that abortion is a God-given right and that transgenders are "made in the image of God."

A recent depraved photo shoot by fashion house Balenciaga that sexualized children featured demonic imagery, including an apparent reference to the ancient Canaanite idol Baal. The grotesque images renewed a discussion about evil influences in American culture.

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