Saturday Night Live jokes that Biden may have brain damage

 December 5, 2022

In a move that may come as a surprise to conservatives, the liberal comedy show Saturday Night Live recently poked fun at President Joe Biden's mental state. 

According to the Daily Wire, that joke was made by cast member Michael Che during a news parody segment called "Weekend Update." He began by referencing the Biden administration's recent effort to avert a railroad labor stoppage.

Suffering from CTE

"President Biden signed a measure that would force railway workers to accept a deal that averts a strike but does not include paid sick leave," the host was quoted as saying.

Che then added, "But how do you expect Biden to care about sick leave when he shows up to work every day with full-blown CTE?"

The Mayo Clinic's website explains that CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a debilitating brain condition that is believed to result from the sort of frequent head trauma experienced by boxers and football players.

Although possible symptoms include cognitive, behavioral, mood, and motor changes, the Mayo Clinic notes that a positive diagnosis is not possible while an individual is alive "except in those rare individuals with high-risk exposures."

Former White House doctor says even Democrats "can’t ignore" Biden's problems

Critics have long suggested that Biden's regular gaffes and odd behavior suggest he suffers from some kind of cognitive impairment.

One of them is former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson, who previously served under Presidents Trump, Obama, and George W. Bush.

"You know, it’s continued to get worse since he was candidate Joe Biden," Jackson was quoted as telling Fox News host Maria Bartiromo during an interview in September."

"When I first started talking about this, the American people have continued to have questions about a lot of his bizarre behaviors, this holding hands thing is one of them, the way he makes up stories, and he just repeatedly tells the stories that everyone has documented are not true, that happens pretty frequently," he recalled.

Emotional outbursts

"He has these emotional outbursts," Jackson said of the president. "He shuffles when he walks. He slurs his speech. He always looks frail and fragile. I just think it’s continued to get worse and worse."

"And I think that now the Democrats and the mainstream media now are starting to say, 'we can’t ignore this a whole lot longer,'" Jackson insisted.

"At some point or another, we’re going to have to address this, we’re going to have to explain to the American people what’s going on, you know, I have to ask them multiple times to see his complete medical record for the American people to see it, for him to do cognitive tests," the doctor concluded.

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