Schiff Says Supreme Court Will Determine If Trump Eligible For 2024

September 5, 2023

Liberals are using quite a few of their dirtiest tricks lately.

Adam Schiff just brought out the most ridiculous of all:


This term refers to how liberals in America ease us in to things that used to be considered ridiculous by training us a little bit at a time.

Take the lockdowns in 2020, for example.

We were told to stay inside for a few weeks to flatten the curve.

Before you know it, liberals had us locked in our homes for months while Black Lives Matter rioters were burning our cities down.

There's sexuality as well.

Remember how a few decades ago gay marriage was a highly controversial topic?

They promised if we gave them that, they'd stop there. They did anything but, normalizing homosexual activity and telling everyone that love is love. By normalizing a little bit at a time, we're no longer allowed to criticize anything relating to sexuality.

Now that they've normalized the gag order on the right, we're not allowed to complain about children having their penises lopped off or being exposed to adult transgender strippers.

They're using the same tactics in Trump's case(s).

Liberals figure the more they throw the words "fourteenth amendment" around without even stopping to consider what they mean, Americans will be conditioned to accept that there's a chance Trump will be disqualified from pursuing the presidency.

It's all a trick.

Representative Adam Schiff is the latest one guilty of it, talking like it's a foregone conclusion that Trump will not be allowed to pursue the presidency.

He doesn't actually believe it yet, his legal argument doesn't have a leg to stand on.

That hasn't stopped him from saying it.

"I would imagine that it would go up to the Supreme Court. And that’s the big question mark through all this—what will the Supreme Court do?" Schiff said. The law "doesn't require that you be convicted of insurrection. It just requires that you have engaged in these acts, it's a disqualification from holding office… And it fits Donald Trump to a T."

Schiff knows that the Supreme Court wouldn't disqualify Trump. But if he says it enough, maybe silly Americans will start believing it.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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