School attended by Obama daughters rocked by sex scandal

 January 2, 2024

Sidwell Friends is an ultra-exclusive private school that has been attended by the children of Washington's most powerful figures, including Chelsea Clinton and Tricia Nixon Cox.

Yet as columnist Maxine Page recently recalled, Sidwell Friends was rocked by scandal even as both of the Obama daughters were studying there. 

School psychologist had affair with mother of student

In an article published by the website Nikki Swift, pointed to a 2011 report from the Daily Mail on a "nasty" $10 million lawsuit.

It was filed by a man named Arthur Newmyer, whose child was a pupil at the school. Newmyer alleged that the school's psychologist, one James Huntington, had an affair with his wife.

What's more, Newmyer maintained that this affair was carried on with the school's knowledge and took place while Huntington was counseling students about an earlier scandal involving sexual relations between a teacher and student.

"Sidwell officials maliciously permitted the damaging conduct to continue for nearly a year," Newmyer's suit stated. What's more, he claimed that his young daughter suffered "severe emotional distress" due to the ordeal.

Email records showed that the two exchanged sexually explicit messages. What's more, they also shared a bed at a hotel while Huntington's daughter, who was also a student at Sidwell Friends, slept in an adjoining room.

Michelle Obama says daughters were held to higher standard due to their race

However, Page was quick to point out that neither Sasha and Malia Obama are not known to have engaged in any untoward behavior during their time at Sidwell Friends.

CNN noted that their mother, former First Lady Michelle Obama, addressed this fact during an episode of "The Light Podcast" which aired in March of last year.

"It was no accident that our children had to show up right in the world," Michelle explained, adding that race played a role in how her children were looked at.

"They carried the burden of making sure they weren't messy because it wouldn't have been laughed off; it wouldn't have been just, 'Oh, it's youthful,' or whatever. It would've been some statement about the soul of black folks," she insisted.

Buzz about possible White House run by Mrs. Obama

Her daughters aren't the only reason that Mrs. Obama's name has received attention in recent months, as some observers have speculated that she may make a presidential run this year.

Among them is Los Angeles filmmaker Joel Gilbert, who told One America News in November that the Democratic Party has essentially "set it up" for Mrs. Obama to replace President Joe Biden on the ballot.

"I noticed that when Trump got elected, Michelle Obama started copying what Barack Obama had done before he ran for president," Gilbert explained.

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