Scottish soccer star Eddie Colquhoun dies at 78

 April 18, 2023

Britain's soccer fans were recently left saddened to learn that Scottish star Eddie Colquhoun had passed away at the age of 78.

Yet while Colquhoun's on-field prowess was well known, some say that his good behavior off the field was too often kept secret. 

Colquhoun remembered as a "decent man who did not court attention"

"Those close to Colquhoun remember not only a giant on the field but a loyal and decent man who did not court attention," columnist Danny Hall wrote in an article for The Star this past weekend.

"After retiring from football, following a spell in America with Detroit Express and Washington Diplomats under Ken Furphy after leaving United, he ran a Post Office in Conisbrough and spent hours in the local working men’s club recalling stories from his playing days," Hall added.

Much of Colquhoun's career was spent playing for Sheffield United, where historian John Garrett said he was known for being "a man of principle."

An example of that was seen one day when a delivery driver who worked for Colquhoun's business failed to turn up for work.

A decade-long career

Rather than allow his customers to be inconvenienced, Colquhoun made the deliveries himself before heading to Bramall Lane stadium and playing a scheduled match.

Sheffield United coach Paul Heckingbottom agreed that Colquhoun was far better known for his public achievements than his private life, telling the BBC, "He was a real stalwart here and I think the fans could relate to the way he played."

"There'll be a lot of fans at the game [on Tuesday against Bristol City] who will have watched him and he'll have been one of their favorite players," Heckingbottom recalled.

The BBC noted that Colquhoun played central defense in 433 games for Sheffield United between 1968 and 1978. He also represented Scotland nine times at the World Cup.

Mid-game tribute held in Colquhoun's honor

Praise for Colquhoun quickly appeared on social media following news of his death, including from Sheffield United, which tweeted, "Rest in peace, Eddie. Blades legend."

The team also announced that it would be holding a tribute to Colquhoun 5 minutes into Tuesday's game in recognition of his jersey number.

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