SD Gov. Kristi Noem campaigns for Trump, claims Haley a 'problem' as potential running mate

 January 5, 2024

In a show of support for former President Trump, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem traveled to Iowa to campaign for him ahead of the state's January primary.

Noem, who officially endorsed Trump in September, stood before potential caucus voters in Sioux City, emphasizing Trump's proven track record and leadership.

The remarks

The Governor's endorsement aligns with Trump's strategy to solidify support from influential figures within the Republican Party.

During her address, Noem took a critical stance on Nikki Haley, questioning the consistency and trustworthiness of the former South Carolina governor and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

"We're not going to let people who run for office rewrite history," Noem said during her comments on Wednesday. "Ron DeSantis closed his businesses down. He closed his beaches down. When it was hard challenging political pressure in times when everything mattered and your constitutional freedoms were threatened, Ron DeSantis caved to pressure. And we just can't afford to put somebody as leader of the free world that caves to political pressure."

Noem argued that Haley's decision to run for president against Trump after pledging not to raises concerns about her reliability.

Supporting Trump's policies

Noem also used the platform to underline Trump's foreign policy efforts, claiming that under his leadership, situations in the Middle East and with Russia and Ukraine would have been handled differently.

Her visit to Iowa comes ahead of Trump's scheduled campaign appearance in Sioux Center, reflecting the strategic alignment between key figures within the Republican Party.

The governor's recent comments on Nikki Haley and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis indicate potential fault lines within the party as different factions vie for influence and endorsements.

Noem's candid remarks on Haley's perceived inconsistency and DeSantis's response to political pressure contribute to the ongoing discussions within the Republican landscape.

VP Noem?

As speculation continues about the direction of Trump's campaign and potential vice-presidential choices, Noem sought to clarify her intentions during an interview, stating that her primary objective is to assist Trump in winning.

The discussion around the vice-presidential spot and Noem's acknowledgment that anyone offered such an opportunity should consider it adds to the ongoing speculation.

This dynamic political landscape unfolds against the backdrop of the evolving Republican strategy and considerations for the upcoming election cycle.

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