Sean Hannity Produces Christmas Comedy Film

November 26, 2023

If you haven't heard the news by now, you should have.

Fox News host Sean Hannity is producing a Christmas comedy movie, named "Jingle Smells."


Fans were hit with a surprise early release the day before Thanksgiving.

"Jingle Smells" is being executive produced by John Schneider.

Hannity announced that the movie was going to be released early on a Rumble episode of "The Sean Hannity Show."


Hannity declared that insane audience demand led him to release the film early.

"We’re breaking away from mainstream Hollywood and doing something totally different," Sean Hannity said. "Jingle Smells is a hilarious and heartwarming story filled with a great message and void of all the crazy agendas being presented by those other entertainment platforms. Jingle Smells is a movie that your entire family can enjoy together this Christmas season."

The film being friendly for the whole family is something that parents will undoubtedly love, as it's gotten pretty difficult to make sure that sick ideas aren't seeping into your home life because of what liberals are sneaking into movies and shows these days.

It seems like everywhere you turn, movies aren't being made just to entertain a younger generation, the movies are being made to CAPTURE a younger generation and indoctrinate them to the liberal way of thinking.

Sean Hannity was NOT about to let that happen with "Jingle Smells."

It's 100% family-friendly.

Starring in the film are executive producer John Schneider, actor Eric Roberts, and actor Ben Davies.

Stars with smaller parts in the film are Jim Breuer, Victoria Jackson, Dylan Postl, Brad Stine, James Storm, Jaclyn Stapp, Sean Hannity, the Jay Sekulow Band, and Governor Mike Huckabee.

The plot revolves around Ben Davies' character Nick Gutman, a war veteran who takes a job with his garbageman father.

Nick Gutman apparently forms a pretty quick bond with his coworkers, and the "garbage gang" is hired on a "secret mission" to destroy Christmas toys.

Obviously, no good Christmas movie would end with a plot to destroy all toys being successful, so you'll have to check out for yourself how this one turns out!

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