Seattle Democrats reverse course, allow for prosecution of drug crimes

September 21, 2023

Seattle swung hard to the left in 2020 when it cut police funding by half and for weeks tolerated a lawless area known as Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP).

Yet as Breitbart noted this week, officials in the Democrat-run city have since been scrambling to reverse those policies as crime rages. 

City council passes bill allowing city attorney to go after drug crimes

The website noted how in 2021 city council voted to override then-Mayor Jenny Durkan and restore police funding to pre-2020 levels.

What's more, citizens in the deep blue area broke with tradition that same year by electing Republican Ann Davison as city attorney.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Times has reported that on Tuesday city council voted six to three in favor of allowing the city attorney's office to prosecute possessions and public use of illegal drugs.

That vote came after the council previously voted five to four against adopting a similar piece of legislation earlier in the year.

Opponent says prosecuting drug crimes could be racist

Councilmember Sara Nelson has spent months pushing for a tougher approach to drug enforcement, and she voiced support for the bill on Tuesday before voting in favor of it.

"This is not a perfect bill, but it’s time to get this done because every day we [don’t] there are people that die," the Times quoted her as saying.

However, Councilmember Tammy Morales called the bill "unnecessary" and "performative" while suggesting it could also be racist.

"The bill before us remains ineffective. It adds potential racial harm and makes false promises at a time when folks are desperate for solutions," she insisted.

Mayor says he will sign drug crime bill "as soon as" it reaches his desk

The bill's passed was also met with an angry reaction among demonstrators in the audience, who reportedly booed officials and complained that they had blood on their hands.

Davidson said she was pleased that her office had been empowered to prosecute drug crimes while Mayor Bruce Harrell expressed support as well.

"As soon as this bill reaches my desk, I will sign it," the Times quoted a statement put out by the mayor as declaring.

"After analyzing final adjustments to the bill and amendments from throughout the process, my office will issue an Executive Order in the next week to provide training and guidance to the police department on implementation, as well as metrics to track progress," he stressed.

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