Secret Obama-era defense memo reveals Mar-A-Lago raid unnecessary

 May 29, 2024

Conservative legal watchdog group America First Legal (AFL) released a newly unearthed memo on Thursday that referred to an Obama-era security program that would have made the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago unnecessary, according to Fox Digital.

The memo confirmed that "the government may have already had originals of the alleged classified documents involved in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s sham prosecution against President Trump," AFL stated.

The Memorandum of Understanding Entered into by Presidential Information Technology Community Entities followed an October 2014 breach of the Executive Office of the President’s network by Russia.

After the breach, then-President Barack Obama created the Presidential Information Technology Community (PITC), which created copies of documents related to the presidency to avoid losing them to theft or destruction.

"Unfortunate picture of the rule of law"

"What America First Legal has uncovered after months of investigative work paints an unfortunate picture of the rule of law in Washington. A former President of the United States — the most democratically accountable officer under our Constitution — was subject to a politicized referral concocted by the Biden White House that led to an armed FBI raid of his home — where his wife and youngest child live — and is now subject to prosecution," America First Legal Vice President Dan Epstein said.

"And to now realize that the Biden Administration could have avoided an illegal referral process to recover records the government already possessed, that it could have used normal means to ensure that records the former president believed should be housed in his presidential library (not yet built because of the hordes of investigations aimed at silencing him) were subject to a temporary hold for purposes of Archives’ review — yet didn’t — speaks loudly to America: the law protects only those who follow the norms of one party," Epstein added.

It's worth asking what reason the FBI and Biden DOJ had to authorize the raid on Mar-A-Lago in August 2022 if they already had copies of the classified documents Trump supposedly had there.

Trump and close allies have repeatedly said they were cooperating with the FBI and the Justice Department at the time of the raid, and that it was a political operation against him rather than a legitimate attempt to recover documents.

The memo makes this reality more likely, since they already had a way to see what documents he had allegedly taken from the White House.

What would happen?

Wayne Allyn Root posited on Sunday that if the FBI had raided former President Barack Obama's mansion and authorized the use of deadly force as was done ahead of the Mar-A-Lago raid, and if people found out about it, the country would be on fire the next day.

While there was certainly outrage over the Mar-A-Lago raid, I guess it was underwhelming to Root and other Republicans.

A double standard is certainly at work when you look at how President Joe Biden's classified document possession was handled compared to Trump's.

Root doesn't buy it that the use of deadly force clause was standard protocol in all raids, but then, he is known as a conspiracy theorist.

In either case, Trump has not been treated fairly from the get-go, and is being punished for something that has become standard practice among former presidents.


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