Secret Service agent on Kamala Harris detail hospitalized after fighting other agents

 April 25, 2024

A Secret Service agent assigned to protect Vice President Kamala Harris had to be hospitalized earlier this week after getting into a fight with fellow agents. 

That's according to a report published by the Washington Examiner, which said the incident took place at Andrews Air Force Base on Monday morning before Harris arrived.

Agent was put in handcuffs following a physical altercation

The incident is said to have taken place after the agent in question grew aggressive towards other agents, which led the special agent in charge as well as the detail shift supervisor to try and de-escalate the situation.

However, the belligerent agent nevertheless ended up in a physical altercation which ended with him or her being handcuffed and taken for a medical assessment.

The Examiner stated that it has uncovered the agent's name and specific duties but has opted not to reveal that information out of respect for the agent's privacy.

Secret Service official says incident had "no impact" on vice president's schedule

Anthony Guglielmi serves as chief of communications for the Secret Service, and he provided a statement to the Examiner.

"At approximately 9 a.m. April 22, a U.S. Secret Service special agent supporting the Vice President's departure from Joint Base Andrews began displaying behavior their colleagues found distressing," Guglielmi was quoted as saying.

"The agent was removed from their assignment while medical personnel were summoned," the chief of communications went on to explain.

Guglielmi stressed that "[t]he Vice President was at the Naval Observatory when this incident occurred and there was no impact on her departure from Joint Base Andrews."

He concluded by stating, "The U.S. Secret Service takes the safety and health of our employees very seriously. As this was a medical matter, we will not disclose any further details."

Vice Presidential Protective Division agents are subject to rigorous standards

The Examiner noted how the Vice Presidential Protective Division "is widely regarded within the Secret Service as the second most prestigious assignment," second only to the Presidential Protective Division.

In order to join the Vice Presidential Protective Division, agents are required to have served at least three years in field offices and "receive excellent performance reports."

What's more, Vice Presidential Protective Division members must successfully complete the Protective Detail Training course taught at the Secret Service’s James J. Rowley.

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