Secret Service Can't Pin Down Cocaine Smuggler Who Delivered It to the White House

 July 14, 2023

The Secret Service announced on Thursday that it is unable to determine who smuggled cocaine into the White House on July 2.

The results prompted a variety of responses from lawmakers and commentators after President Joe Biden pledged to "restore" decency and honor to the White House, as Breitbart News reported.

According to NBC News, the Secret Service was unable to identify the courier despite attempting to obtain a fingerprint using two FBI crime lab techniques.

“Sources tell me no information resulting from forensic testing or video review has been able to identify a suspect,” NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell tweeted.  “A list of several hundred individuals was compiled who may have had access to area.”

Case Details

According to CNN, Secret Service agents examined "visitor logs and surveillance footage of hundreds of individuals” who were permitted to enter the West Wing, but no suspect was identified.

O'Donnell stated that, according to a source familiar with the investigation, the "leading theory" remained that a "visitor" who “transited the West Executive entrance was likely responsible. But there is not physical evidence to compare to the list of names.”

"A visitor" appears to exclude White House administration personnel and family members with permanent residency. According to Newsweek, it is unclear whether Hunter Biden officially resides at the mansion.

In the past, she said, minor quantities of marijuana were discovered, but those carrying it were prohibited from entering the White House campus. Marijuana is legal in Washington, DC.

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) stated that legislators, including the House Oversight Committee, were briefed on the investigation.

Politicians and Commentators Take

According to Alex Salvi of Newsmax, Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene believes the substance was carried in by a "passholder." She reportedly expressed frustration that the Secret Service did not conduct drug tests on all 500 visitors to the White House on Sunday.

In addition, Salvi reported that Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) stated that the White House regulates who has access to containers used by individuals.

She stated that the substance was discovered in compartment 50. She stated that the locker 50 key is presently absent.

The reaction of lawmakers to the conclusion of the investigation and the peculiar case of the White House cocaine sparked a number of tweets, including those who questioned whether the Secret Service interviewed Hunter Biden. Others criticized the federal government for its two-tiered system of justice:

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