Secret Service has Biden's visitor logs, after all

 January 21, 2023

The Secret Service has some of President Biden's visitor logs after all, despite the insistence of the White House that no such records exist.

The report is the latest indication that the White House is not being transparent with the public amid the controversy over Biden's storage of classified documents, some of which were found at his house.

Visitor logs found

The White House asserted Monday that no visitor logs were available because Biden's "personal residence is personal."

The Secret Service also said initially that they do not maintain visitor logs, but they appeared to backtrack days later.

It appears the White House may have been playing word games.

The latest statement emphasizes that while the Secret Service does not keep a formal log of visitors, it does maintain background information on certain vetted individuals who "may come into contact with Secret Service protected sites," which would obviously include Biden's personal home.

Shifting accounts

A source inside the Secret Service told Fox News that the agency would be willing to provide more information to Congress by request.

The inconsistent accounts concerning Biden's visitor logs comes as the White House continues to come under fire for its lack of transparency concerning classified records that were initially discovered in November at a Biden think tank.

Those documents weren't made public until last week, and even then, a second set of files found in Biden's garage wasn't immediately made known.

A third set of documents was later found at Biden's home in Delaware, despite assurances from the White House that the search had already been completed.


Despite Biden's insistence that his "locked" garage is secure, the news that he was keeping classified documents at home has led to concerns the records may have been compromised.

Joe Biden's scandal-scarred son Hunter Biden, notorious for his shadowy financial ties to communist China, lived in Biden's Delaware home for some time after Biden left the Obama administration.

House Oversight chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) has requested the visitor logs from Biden's home and the Penn Biden Center, the China-tied Washington think tank where classified documents pertaining to Britain, Iran, and Ukraine were found.

"The Committee is concerned about who had access to these documents given the Biden family’s financial connections to foreign actors and companies,” Comer wrote in a letter.

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