Secret Service, Park Police, forced to retreat from violent pro-Palestine protesters

 June 10, 2024

The anti-Israel protesters are creating a massive headache for President Joe Biden and his administration -- and the White House. 

According to Mediaite, a recent pro-Hamas, pro-Palestinian protest that surrounded the White House and spiraled out of control was so bad that it forced U.S. Secret Service members to retreat.

U.S. Park Police were also on the scene, but like their counterparts in the Secret Service, they also retreated as the protesters surrounded them.

The protesters, some of them carrying signs and flags that indicated they actually support the Hamas terrorist group, accused President Biden of facilitating "genocide" in Gaza.

What's going on?

As the rowdy protest grew in size, protesters began surrounding the responding officers at Lafayette Square, near the White House.

The protesters shouted down the federal officers, with many of them hurling profanities and threats at the officers as they decided to retreat from the area, as they were severely outnumbered.

Julio Rosas, a reporter for The Blaze, wrote, "Anti-Israel protesters formed a mob and chased US Park Police and Secret Service out of Lafayette Square after officers apparently tried to arrest someone. Police are no longer inside the park and are on the boundaries of the protest: “F**k the police!"

According to the Washington Examiner, at one point, police were forced to use pepper spray on the protesters after some of them had set of smoke bombs near the White House.

The outlet noted:

At one point, U.S. Park Police were on the scene with mace to fend off protesters. They were allegedly attempting to arrest one of the protesters when the crowd began yelling at them to stop, screaming, “Let her go.” It was not immediately clear what they were attempting to arrest her in connection with. In the exchange, police sprayed mace, and it appeared they eventually let the protester go without completing the arrest.

No arrests made

In addition to kowtowing to the violent, loud protesters, police on the scene reportedly didn't make any arrests.

The protesters also completely surrounded the White House in a giant "red line" banner.

Many across social media noted that had the protesters been of a different political stripe, the scene would have probably been vastly different, with multiple arrests made and charges filed.

Only time will tell if the protests continue and if the Biden administration and federal law enforcement will move to quash them.

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