See it: Kamala Harris ridiculed after bizarre climate change talk

 January 13, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris is being ridiculed online after a bizarre discussion during a climate change event on Thursday.

Harris spoke at the University of Michigan, where she shared her love of Venn diagrams and school buses, among other oddities.

Venn diagrams and more

"I love Venn diagrams. I do. I love Venn diagrams. So, the three circles — and you can do more! Nobody says a Venn diagram has to only be three circles, right?" Harris said during the event.

"I'm excited about electric school buses. I LOVE electric school buses. I just love them! For so many reasons. Maybe because I went to school on a school bus. Hey, raise your hand if you went to school on a school bus!" Harris noted.

The Western hemisphere?

Harris also shared her geography knowledge during the event.

"In the Western hemisphere, that is where the Caribbean is. We are also in the Western Hemisphere. They are our neighbors," Harris said.

Another highlight included her "inspiration" about moments. "I think of this moment as a moment that is about great momentum," she said.

The collection of the latest odd statements adds to past concerns about the vice president's public speeches. Some have speculated that the issue has a connection to the turnover in his staff members, including a third speechwriter in three years.

The message may also reveal why many Democrats expect President Joe Biden to run for reelection at the age of 80, as party leaders do not expect Harris to pull off a victory if she ran instead.

Some have also noted that Harris appears out of touch, as the speech occurred on the same day that Biden was given a special counsel to investigate classified materials he held after leaving the White House as vice president. The latest clips from Harris are leading to many laughs among viewers, but are also a concern for Democrats who hope to improve on the road to 2024 in the White House and other political races.

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