Sen. Chuck Grassley: FBI tried to discredit investigation of Biden family

 October 26, 2023

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley made headlines this week when he asserted that the FBI had more than 40 confidential sources with "criminal information" on the Biden family.

What's more, Grassley says that an investigation of the president and his relatives appears to have been shut down by political pressure. 

FBI task forcer allegedly tried to discredit sources as "foreign disinformation"

According to Breitbart, Grassley leveled those claims in a letter sent on Tuesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

He stated that there were some 40 confidential human sources located across the country furnishing criminal information about President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and his brother James Biden.

However, an FBI task force based in Washington D.C. is said to have attempted to falsely discredit those sources as foreign disinformation.

Grassley further stated that he is seeking interviews with at least 25 FBI and Department of Justice employees who were involved in the Biden investigation as well as attempts to shut it down.

Grassley says Wray and Garland must "clear the air"

"Based on the information provided to my office over a period of years by multiple credible whistleblowers, there appears to be an effort within the Justice Department and FBI to shut down investigative activity relating to the Biden family," Grassley wrote.

"Such decisions point to significant political bias infecting the decision-making of not only the Attorney General and FBI Director but also line agents and prosecutors," he continued.

"An essential question that must be answered is this: did the FBI investigate the information or shut it down?" Grassley stressed.

"Our Republic cannot survive such a political infection and you have an obligation to this country to clear the air," the Iowa senator went on to insist.

Biden boasted of getting Ukrainian prosecutor fired

Breitbart noted how Grassley's letter comes just over three months after he released an FBI informant FD-1023 file detailing allegations by Mykola Zlochevsky.

Zlochevsky founded Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy firm that appointed Hunter Biden to serve on its board of directors.

He alleged that the company provided $5 million worth of bribes to both Hunter Biden as well as his then-vice president father in exchange for pressuring Ukraine's president to fire Viktor Shokin who was investigating Burisma.

Indeed, the former vice president once publicly boasted of having held up aid to Ukraine until Shokin was removed from office.

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