Sen. Feinstein, 89, not ready to step down early or retire from Senate

 December 14, 2022

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has off and on been the topic of conversation on Capitol Hill due to some of the issues she faces as she ages. Still, she apparently isn't anywhere close to being ready to retire before her term is up, according to Breitbart

Feinstein, 89, has no intention of stepping away early, and hasn't even decided if she's ready to leave the U.S. Senate after her term expires.

The California senator made the revelations in a recent Los Angeles Times interview.

Some Democrats have previously whispered that the aging senator should probably step down and be replaced with a younger, likely more progressive replacement.

Certain concerns

There were reports earlier this year that Feinstein is becoming forgetful, which happens to many at that age.

Breitbart noted in a November report:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) on Tuesday reportedly forgot she rejected the idea of serving as Senate president pro tempore in an apparent memory lapse.

Other reports indicated that some of her staffers might be going to great lengths to cover for her age-related issues.

Breitbart added: The LA Times noted that she never suggested that she would step down but that she has received pressure from her colleagues after she won her reelection campaign in 2018. A spokesperson for the senator added, 'The senator has no plans to step down and will announce her plans for 2024 at the appropriate time.'"

Feinstein told the outlet that the possibility of running for another term is still on the table, though she said it would likely be "spring" before she comes to that decision. In 2024, Feinstein will be 91 years old.

Who replaces her?

Unsurprisingly, California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has already gone on the record with his vow to replace Feinstine with a Black woman. Qualifications don't matter, it's all about skin color for the Democrats.

If she decides not to step down before 2024, but retires at that point, Democrat Reps. Ro Khanna, Katie Porter, Adam Schiff, and Barbara Lee are said to be eyeing up her California Senate seat.

Only time will tell what Feinstein ends up doing, but it truly seems that she's at the end of a long career and would be best served throwing in the towel and enjoying her remaining days.

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