Sen. Richard Blumenthal hospitalized after fall during UConn parade

 April 10, 2023

Breitbart reported that Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal had to be hospitalized this weekend after suffering a leg injury. 

According to the website, the injury occurred on Saturday while Blumenthal was marching in a parade celebrating a victory by the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team.

Fellow Democrat praises Blumenthal's toughness

Blumenthal was praised by fellow Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy, who boasted that the 77-year-old lawmaker had managed to finish the parade.

Blumenthal responded to Murphy's tweet with one of his own which read, "What can I say, I love a parade! Thanks to Chris [and] everyone for the well wishes."

Blumenthal went on to confirm that he suffered a fractured femur after a fellow parade goer tripped and fell on him before adding that he will undergo "routine surgery" in order "to make sure everything heals properly."

Critics bring up Blumenthal's military record

However, not everyone responded to the news with encouragement, as some brought up Blumenthal's false claims of having served in the Vietnam War.

The long-serving Connecticut Democrat later put out a series of tweets in which he provided an update on his condition.

Senator has "a couple of pins" inserted

"I’ve already started physical therapy, but I won’t be marching in any parades for a couple of weeks—although Quinnipiac, you’d better believe I’ll still be the loudest one at your celebration! And I’m happy to report that I’m planning to be back in DC for votes next week," Blumenthal added.

The senator went on to say that he is "grateful to everyone who has called, texted, or Tweeted your well wishes," stressing, "It means so much to me and my family—thank you."

Meanwhile, NBC News quoted a spokesperson for Blumenthal as saying that he had "a couple of pins" inserted to aid in the healing process.

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