Sen. Roger Marshall: Republicans bend too easy to Dems in exchange for defense money

 December 25, 2022

In an exclusive interview, Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) told Breitbart that there are far too many Republicans willing to bend the knee to Democrats in exchange for national defense dollars.

Marshall's thought came, of course, in the wake of the stunning number of Republicans who supported the $1.7 trillion, pork-filled omnibus year-end spending bill to keep the U.S. government running.

A long list of high-profile Republicans supported the bill and even voted for it, and most of them share similar qualities, like war hawk status.

"They would give any amount of money to the Democrats if they give us what we want for national defense," Marshall told Breitbart.

The exchange

Democrats are historically known for packing tons of social programs into spending bills -- programs that add up to a lot of money and that aren't necessarily important, whatsoever. They're easy wins to hype of their constituents.

Marshall explained that Democrats understand that they have a hard time getting Republican support for those programs, so Democrats who really want something passed will simply offer a little icing on the defense cake.

He provided an example regarding this year's national defense budget, which of course is higher than last year's, but for clear reasons.

"So in this budget, there’s $850 billion dollars for national defense. That’s a ten-percent hike from last year, so that’s where they start off bargaining and saying, ‘Look, if you give us whatever we want for defense, we’ll give you whatever you want for social programs,'" the Kansas Republican explained.

He added: "Six people get together in the dark room, and they put the deal together."

What about Ukraine?

The topic of providing aid to Ukraine is another hot-button issue, and the latest spending bill included a staggering $45 billion in aid to the country to continue it's "war" defending against Russia.

When asked whether or not he believes the insane amount of funding that we've sent to Ukraine is being accounted for, Marshall hesitated.

"I do not have confidence in that," Marshall replied. "Whenever you are showing up this much aid that one time, there’s bound to be fraud, and we saw this with the Paycheck Protection Program. We saw it with unemployment insurance. Why would this be any different?"

He added: "We’ve already given Ukraine $50 billion of aid, more than the rest of the world combined. We have over a hundred thousand American soldiers on the NATO frontlines. The rest of the world doesn’t have half that many, and Joe Biden still has not maximized sanctions. I think he hasn’t applied 50 percent of the sanctions that he could."

Marshall hit all the nails on the head, and it's first-hand proof that our government is simply broken.

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