Sen. Ron Johnson says secretary of state 'lied boldface to Congress'

 May 1, 2023

The New York Post reported this weekend that it has obtained emails showing Secretary of State Antony Blinken had at least two one-on-one meetings with Hunter Biden in 2020.

This led Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson to accuse the Biden White House official of lying under oath. 

Johnson says Blinken "lied boldface to Congress"

Johnson made the claim during an interview on Sunday with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, saying, "Antony Blinken finally did come in and sit down for a voluntary transcribed interview in December of 2020 because he wanted to be Secretary of State."

"And now, because of more information that's come out, we know that he lied boldface to Congress about never emailing Hunter Biden," Johnson asserted.

"My guess is he told a bunch of other lies that hopefully we'll be able to bring him and his wife back in, tell them to preserve their records," the senator stressed.

Law professor says allegations are "very serious"

"You cannot trust Joe Biden. You cannot trust Hunter Biden. You can't trust the Biden family. You can't trust so many of the people that they have surrounded themselves with," he insisted.

When Bartiromo asked Johnson if he believed that Blinken lied under oath, Johnson was unequivocal in his response, saying, "Yes, he did. He said he did not email Hunter Biden, and now we have those emails."

"We also know that his wife, using her private email address when she was a[n] employee of the State Department, was basically a conduit between her husband and Hunter Biden as well."

Johnson is not alone in asserting that Blinken committed perjury, as George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley agrees.

"That's very serious. It is a crime to lie to Congress. He did this in the course of becoming a cabinet member," Turley told "Fox & Friends" on Monday.

Blinken allegedly schemed to discredit laptop

"So you couldn't have anything more serious than this allegation in terms of wrongdoing in the sense that it is a federal crime. So we're going to have to see if Johnson can stick the landing," he continued.

"But he seems quite confident that there was no equivocation that this was an outright false statement made to Congress by Secretary Blinken," Turley concluded.

Blinken was already in the news after former CIA acting director Michael Morell testified in private that Blinken got 51 ex-intelligence officials to cast doubt on Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop. It's authenticity has since been confirmed by mainstream media outlets.

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