Senate Bill Grants Amnesty To Illegal Aliens In US For 2+ Weeks Or 100+ Miles From Border

 February 5, 2024

Representative Dan Bishop recently peeled back the curtain for ordinary Americans, and what we learned was in the Senate's pro-migration border bill was absolutely shocking.

"If you’re an illegal alien who makes it 100+ miles inside the US, or you last longer than 14 days, congratulations! This bill allows you to roam free," Bishop said.


Things are getting serious.

America's federal liberals are done even pretending that they care about the security of our southern border.

That's because they don't want safety...

They want more liberal voters.

And Dan Bishop knows it. Now, the rest of America does as well:

The text of this bill says that the Secretary of Homeland Security "shall activate the border emergency authority if during a period of seven consecutive calendar days, there is an average of 5,000 or more aliens who are encountered each day; or on any 1 calendar day, a combined total of 8,500 or more aliens are encountered."

It's shocking that these are the types of figures we are dealing with.

The bill even having language that accounts for what to do when 5,000+ illegal immigrants per day are being apprehended should show you that illegal immigration is NOT a laughing matter at this point in history in America.

That's because the people making the policies that impact our southern border are NOT hanging out in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, or southern California.

The Washington DC elite have literally no idea what the situation is REALLY like at America's southern border.

If they were aware, there's no way they'd be continuing to ignore the issue.

Joe Biden has shown his lack of commitment to America's southern border since day one in office, when Joe decided to appoint Kamala Harris as America's border czar.

The only reason Joe put Kamala Harris in charge of the border was because he never wanted the border fixed.

That's why, almost four years later, Joe Biden still hasn't fixed our border like he promised.

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Thomas Jefferson
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