Senate confirms former LA Mayor Eric Garcetti as Indian ambassador

March 20, 2023

It took almost two years, but the Senate confirmed Los Angeles' unctuous former mayor Eric Garcetti to be Joe Biden's ambassador to India.

Garcetti got by with help from a handful of Republicans in the 52-42 vote. In the end, seven Republicans votes yes, and three Democrats voted no.

“The United States-India relationship is extremely important, and it’s a very good thing we now have an ambassador,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-Ny.) said.

Garcetti confirmed

The Democrats who voted "no" in the final confirmation tally are Sens. Mark Kelly (Az.), Sherrod Brown (Oh.). and Mazie Hirono (Hi.).

The Republicans who voted "yes" are Sens. Todd Young (In.), Bill Hagerty (Tn.), Bill Cassidy (La.), Susan Collins (Me.), Steve Daines (Mt.), Lindsey Graham (Sc.), and Roger Marshall (Ks.).

President Biden originally nominated Garcetti in July 2021, but he lost support from Democrats over reports he ignored sexual harassment by a top staffer. As Garcetti's nomination grew dormant, his parents stepped in and hired lobbyists to help.

Biden renominated Garcetti in January of this year. The dam began to break when Young and Hagerty voted to advance Garcetti's nomination out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, arguing it was dangerous to leave the ambassadorial role vacant indefinitely.

"It’s a national security imperative to immediately have an ambassador in place in India. We can't afford to wait any longer," Young said.

Petty tyrant

It's unclear what exactly qualifies Garcetti for the role, given his lack of diplomatic experience.

Garcetti's biggest claim to fame might be imposing some of the most draconian COVID restrictions in the country. The mayor famously threatened to cut off power and water to households violating his stay-at-home order and even banned walking outside for "non-essential" purposes.

Like many Democrats, Garcetti was caught ignoring his own COVID rules. He climbed deep into the pit of shame with his preposterous excuse for going maskless: the mayor said he holds his breath when he takes pictures.

Biden loyalist

With his nomination pending, Garcetti attracted scrutiny for attending Hunter Biden's sleazy "art" exhibition in Los Angeles, which raised concerns of influence peddling.

A cynical observer might be led to conclude that Garcetti, who co-chaired Joe Biden's 2020 campaign, is being promoted because of his obsequious loyalty to the Democratic party.

"I just don't think he's qualified — especially with all the questions that are still circling around his previous tenure," said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fl.).

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