Sex trafficking crackdown in California leads to hundreds of arrests

 February 7, 2023

A law enforcement operation targeting sex traffickers in Democrat-run California has led to hundreds of arrests.

368 people were charged after the week-long operation, Operation Reclaim and Rebuild, which also led to six children and scores of adults rescued.

Sex trafficking crackdown

The results of the operation were shared by officials in Los Angeles, where over 100 of the criminals were arrested.

Across the board, 38 suspected traffickers were arrested along with 197 sex buyers, among other suspected criminals tied to the sex trade.

131 victims have been rescued, including 125 adults and six children. The youngest victims were just 13 years old, LAPD chief Michel Moore said at a press conference.

“The victims’ ages in this operation were found to be between 13 and 52 years of age, with six of them being juveniles,” he said.

“The average age of most victims was in their mid-20s, and our investigators worked diligently alongside our victim advocacy groups in providing these victims with services and resources to help them escape from this life-threatening environment," Moore continued.

"Ugly scar"

Agents went undercover and responded to advertisements selling sex, which led them to the traffickers and their victims.

In Los Angeles, plainclothes officers were able to rescue a sex worker and reunite her with a ten-year-old son in Texas, authorities said.

The operation involved 82 different agencies from the local, state, and federal levels, and spanned nine counties including Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County.

Moore said that more needs to be done to combat the "ugly scar" of sexual slavery.

“We know that the sex trade is a prolific one that exists throughout this state and throughout our nation,” Moore told reporters. “It’s an ugly scar against this great country that exists too oftentimes in plain sight.”

Liberal dystopia?

Human trafficking is often tied with immigration, and California is known for its very high immigrant population. The state's Democrats have also made a moral crusade out of decriminalizing sex work, with predictable consequences.

A Catholic grade school in San Francisco has grabbed headlines after teenage sex workers were allegedly seen soliciting sex on the premises.

Noel Gallo, Oakland City councilman, said residents are at their wits' end.

"I get the call saying -- 'Mr. Gallo I can't get into my home because the pimp is blocking my driveway,'" Gallo said. "It's constant."

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