'Shark Tank' to lose Mark Cuban after 16 seasons

 November 29, 2023

Mark Cuban announced his departure from "Shark Tank" after spending more than 10 years on the groundbreaking show, investing in small businesses.

Cuban made his announcement during a recent interview on the "All the Smoke" podcast, as The Daily Caller reported.

A billionaire investor has stated that he has decided "it's time" to leave the show which he has been involved with since season 2.

Cuban's Comments

“This is our 15th year, and next year, our 16th year, is gonna be my last year,” he said on the podcast. “So I got one more year to go.”


Cuban reflected on his time at Shark Tank, saying he was thankful for what they have been able to accomplish: “I love it because it sends the message the American dream is alive and well."

During his remarks, Cuban shared his thoughts on the show's success and the trajectory of the companies featured.

“I feel like in doing Shark Tank all these years, we’ve trained multiple generations of entrepreneurs, that if somebody can come from Iowa or Sacramento or wherever, and show up on the carpet of ‘Shark Tank’ and show their business and get a deal, it’s going to inspire generations of kids,” he said.

“That’s what happens, right? Now we’ve got people coming on saying, ‘I watched you when I was 10 years old.’ I’m like, ‘Fuck!’ But we’re helping them right?” Cuban said.

While Cuban has lost track of how many businesses he has invested in over the course of the show he said, it was "I don’t know how many hundreds of companies,” but his total investment during the show is was estimated at $29 million in at least 85 companies, according to Forbes.

Reason for Departure

While the reason for his departure is as yet unconfirmed, multiple reports from Tuesday indicate Cuban is working on a deal to sell his majority stake in the Mavericks to fellow billionaire Miriam Adelson and the Adelson Family, as Forbes reported.

His dual declarations appeared to surprise many, and some began to speculate whether he was preparing to run for president, which is not something many political commentators have had their eye on for this election cycle.

In fact, he thought deeply about running for president in 2020 but ultimately decided against it after a nationally commissioned poll gave him less than 25% of the vote.

“It’s out of the question,” he told Forbes last year about running for president or any office, adding that “I’m not going to run because of my family.”

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