Sharon Osbourne is suddenly rushed to the hospital after 'medical call'

December 18, 2022

The Washington Examiner reports that Sharon Osbourne had to be rushed to the hospital on Friday. 

An update on the 70-year-old Osbourne's condition has been provided by the family. But, some questions remain unanswered.

The "medical call"

Fox News was one of the first outlets to report on the situation.

Fox reported:

Earlier on Saturday, Santa Paula Police Chief Don Aguilar confirmed to Fox News Digital that Sharon was rushed to the hospital after a medical emergency.

The outlet added:

Ventura County Fire Department told Fox News Digital that their team responded to a "medical call’ at Glen Tavern around 6:30 p.m. Friday and transported one patient to Santa Paula Hospital.

What happened?

At the time of this writing, it is still unknown what happened to Osbourne. Glen Tavern has refused to provide any details.

But, TMZ provides a possible explanation, reporting:

Sources with direct knowledge tell us it all went down Friday night ... Sharon fell ill on the set of the unnamed show at the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, California. It was not clear if the cameras were rolling. The hotel was once featured on an episode of the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventurers."

The Washington Examiner provides some more background on the situation, supporting TMZ's reporting. The Examiner writes:

The first family of darkness, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, have been hosting a Travel Channel series called The Osbournes Want to Believe since 2020 with their son Jack. The show, which is about the world of the unexplained, features jaw-dropping videos of supernatural activity caught on camera.

The Glen Tavern Inn., according to the Examiner, is said to be haunted.

"All clear"

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack Osbourne, 37, has provided an update on his mother's condition via his Instagram.

"Ok, here is what I'll say," he wrote. "First things first: MY MOTHER WASN'T FILMING AN EPISODE OF @ghostadventures. She was filming an episode of Night of Terror with me. Hahaha."

Osbourne, here, would appear to be confirming TMZ's reporting of the incident. He, however, decided not to go into detail about what specifically happened to his mother.

"As to what happened to my mum," he wrote, "I'm gonna leave it to her to share about it when she's ready."

Jack Osbourne did say that his mother "has been given the all clear from her medical team and is now home." And, he thanked "everyone who has reached out with love and support."

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