Sheila Jackson Lee heard cursing at staff days after being endorsed by Hillary Clinton

October 24, 2023

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made headlines last week when she endorsed Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee in her quest to become mayor of Houston.

However, Clinton's warm words of praise contrasted sharply with the profanity-laced rant that Lee hurled at her staff. 

Audio surfaced over the weekend

According to the Daily Mail, the conservative Texas blog Current Revolt released audio over the weekend in which the congresswoman could be heard berating employees.

The incident is said to have been triggered by a paper about Ovide Duncantell, a political activist who founded the Black Heritage Society and died in 2018 at the age of 82.

A staffer can be heard telling Lee that he would call another staff member identified as "Jerome" who purportedly had the paper in his possession.

Lee says she wants staff members to "have a f--king brain"

Lee then launches into a furious tirade, saying, "I don't want you to do a goddamn thing. I want you to have a f--king brain."

"I want you to have read it. I want you to say 'Congresswoman, with such and such date.' That's what I want. That's the kind of staff that I want to have," Lee continued.

"So some stupid other motherf--ker did it. And, and I don't have the information," the Texas lawmaker added as her rant went on.

"Nobody sent me the information. I need to ensure my schedule and, uh, you know, if Boo Boo did it, s--tass did it, f--kface did it. And nobody knows a goddamn thing in my office! Okay? Nothing! I gave it to you," Lee raged.

"Your job was to get it on the calendar, imprint it in your brain, or send me the information back saying, 'Congresswoman, I made sure that the Ovide Ducantell event that you gave me for a so-and-so date at seven is on the f*cking calendar. Not to 'Oh Jerome has it.' Okay?" she stressed.

Employees called "big ass children"

"Both of y'all are f--k ups [inaudible]. It's the worst sh*t that I could have ever had put together," Lee said before deriding her staff members as "two goddamn big ass children."

"F--king idiots [who]serve no goddamn purpose Ain't managing nobody. Nobody's respecting them," the mayoral candidate declared.

"Nobody gives a sh*t about what you're doing and you ain't doing sh*t. And this is an example of it. I gave it to Jerome," Lee fumed as she drew to a close.

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