Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro take plea deals in Fulton County election case

 October 23, 2023

In what could be a terrible move for former President Donald Trump, two former codefendants in one of his criminal trials have just agreed to testify against him. 

According to The Hill, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis secured plea agreements with Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro.

Case concerns 2020 presidential election

Under the terms of their agreements, both Powell and Chesebro will offer testimony against Trump along with others who are facing charges alongside him.

Willis made headlines in August when she indicted Trump as well as former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, attorney Jenna Ellis, and 18 others over their conduct following the 2020 presidential election.

"Trump and the other Defendants charged in this Indictment refused to accept that Trump lost, and they knowingly and willfully joined a conspiracy to unlawfully change the outcome of the election in favor of Trump," Fox News quoted the indictment as reading.

"That conspiracy contained a common plan and purpose to commit two or more acts of racketeering activity in Fulton County, Georgia, elsewhere in the State of Georgia, and in other states," it continued.

Former prosecutor says move sends a "signal" to other defendants

Chris Mattei formerly served as a federal prosecutor, and he suggested that deals for Powell and Chesebro could result in more cooperation against Trump.

"The real import of this plea is the signal it sends to the other defendants," Matteri told The Hill in an interview this past Friday.

"Number one, that your time is running out for you to cooperate, because as cooperators come in and plead guilty, the prosecution continues to build its case and may not have a need to cooperate with other individuals," he explained.

“There’s a whole number of people that she was dealing with who you would expect she would be able to offer testimony against, including Rudy Giuliani and others,” Mattei said.

Powell previously condemned Ellis for admitting to wrongdoing

Meanwhile, Powell's deal elicited mockery from former Trump attorney and codefendant Jenna Ellis, who brought up a post that Powell made earlier this year on the social media platform previously known as Twitter.

"This aged well," Ellis wrote in response to Powell promoting a Substack article that accused her of having "caved" by admitting to having spread "misrepresentations" about the 2020 elections as part of a settlement to preserve her law license.

"The very future of our adversary system is at stake," Powell wrote in her post about Ellis. "[Jenna Ellis] should not have cratered to pressure. By conceding, she undermined the Truth, the law, and herself. It's like a false guilty plea coerced by threats. It hurts everyone."

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