Smith leaks evidence against Trump to the media as trial remains paused

 January 8, 2024

Despite all of the advantages of a kangaroo court, Jack Smith is resorting to some desperate, underhanded methods to keep his case against Donald Trump from crumbling. 

In the latest example, Smith has leaked evidence of Trump's conduct on January 6th to ABC in an apparent attempt to damage Trump outside the court.

It comes even as Trump's federal trial for "election interference" remains paused pending the Supreme Court's review of a key issue.

Smith leaks...

The leaked information was provided to Smith's team by Dan Scavino, a longtime Trump adviser.

Scavino testified that Trump was "just not interested" in stopping the riot, during which he publicly pleaded with his supporters to respect law enforcement:

According to Scavino and others, Trump sulked as the riot was progressing and shrugged when told that Mike Pence had been moved to a secure location.

"This is all your legacy here, and there's smoke coming out of the Capitol," Scavino says he told Trump.

The supposed bombshells don't add a whole lot to the familiar narrative of Trump's wrongdoing, but the anti-Trump media have already seized on them - as Smith intended, surely.

Dirty tricks...

Legally speaking, Trump's alleged inaction or failure to stop the violence is not the same as saying he actually caused an "insurrection."

That may explain why Smith has not charged Trump with incitement, despite the prosecutor's bombastic rhetoric about Trump's "attack on our democracy."

Trump's lawyers have said Smith should be held in contempt, as he continues to file legal motions despite the case being paused. Trump's lawyers say the prosecutor is using the pause to "spread political propaganda."

Smith - like Robert Mueller before him - has already spent millions of federal tax dollars on his (or rather, Biden's) vendetta.

Trump is currently pursuing an appeal on the question of whether he is immune from charges. Until that issue is resolved, the trial is paused.

Smith wants the trial to begin in March, in time to secure a guilty conviction before the 2024 election. He won't say this directly, but it's pretty obvious.

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