Smugglers at the border are getting Americans killed, Border Patrol union president says

 January 12, 2023

Human and drug smuggling activity along the porous southern border is taking the lives of American citizens caught in the middle of deadly, high-speed police chases, Brandon Judd, the president of the Border Patrol Union, said.

Judd, a regular Biden critic of Biden's open border agenda, sounded off on the human toll of Biden's border crisis on Dr. Phil.

Biden's crisis taking lives

In many cases, smugglers will flee Border Patrol, causing deadly car accidents, Judd noted.

"We are paying for this in United States citizens’ lives right now because these people don't just pull over, they continue to drive, they drive at high rates of speeds, they will cross over the median and drive into oncoming traffic," he said.

A Border Patrol agent died in a high-speed chase with illegal immigrants in December. The deadly chases are also killing immigrants and locals who are paying the price for Biden's negligence.

Border Patrol updated its policies on vehicular pursuits Wednesday after another deadly crash in New Mexico involving an illegal immigrant, which killed two and injured eight.

"They shouldn't be here"

Judd's commentary came on a contentious and emotional episode of Dr. Phil that featured a woman whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant.

The woman, Sabine, noted that her son's killer shouldn't have been in the country in the first place, after an audience member started angrily ranting about "white people" and claimed that immigrants commit crime at lower rates than U.S. citizens.

Sabine said an illegal immigrant with a felony record, drunk driving convictions and no license or registration slammed his truck into her son, who was riding a motorcycle to work.

"You said they commit 50 percent less crime, you know what I shoot for? Zero percent crime, they shouldn’t be here," she said.

Deadly chaos

As part of his reform agenda, Biden instructed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) not to prioritize deporting drunk drivers.

Of course, traffic accidents caused by illegal immigrants don't capture the full human cost of open borders, which is bringing in a glut of deadly drugs like fentanyl to communities all across the nation and large numbers of unvetted, fighting-age men.

Agents have received no support from Biden, who infamously went out of his way to falsely accuse agents of "whipping" immigrants during a highly publicized influx.

A Border Patrol agent was shot just days ago while on patrol in New Mexico as he inspected a vehicle suspected of smuggling.

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