Soap star Andrea Evans dead at 66

 July 11, 2023

Andrea Evans, who starred in a number of soap operas from the 1970s to the 2010s, died Sunday at her home in Pasadena, California from breast cancer at age 66 after a prolific career.

Evans entered the soap scene in her teens in the 1970s with her troublemaking character Tina Lord on ABC's "One Life to Live."

She went on to play Patti Weaver on CBS’ “The Young and the Restless,” Tawny Moore on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and Rebecca Hotchkiss on NBC’s “Passions.”

In her later years, she reprised her initial role in 2008 and 2011 before moving on to streaming roles, most recently Patty Walker in Amazon Prime’s drama series “The Bay” from 2017 to 2020.

"Tremendous talent"

Evans was nominated for two Daytime Emmys, one for "One Life to Live" in 1988 and one for the web series DeVanity in 2015.

"I’ve been working with Andrea for the past seven years. She was such a tremendous talent and an absolute joy to work with,” her manager, Nick Leicht, told the Post.

She completed work on her memoir, "My One Life to Live," before she died.

Evans also spent much time volunteering with animal rescue organizations and cancer treatment center City of Hope.

Evans had a stalker

Evans' career was interrupted in 1990 by her experience with a stalker, who ended up slitting his wrists on the steps of OLTL's studio in front of her and making death threats against her.

The stalker wasn't arrested because there were no laws against the behavior at the time.

The fear the incidents caused made Evan's leave acting for a while, but she eventually returned to OLTL and other acting roles.

“I was able to help by publicizing it, to help get better stalking laws enforced. I think that’s another reason I was thrilled to be at ‘One Life To Live,’ to kind of bring the whole situation … full circle,” she explained.

Remembering Evans

OLTL co-star Robin Strasser remembered the Evans as “a woman who was super smart & energized a heat seeking missile. That’s a compliment. You knew when you worked with her, it’d be like going head to head with a champion. I admired her daring. I hate the disease that took her.”

She leaves behind a husband, Steve Rodriguez, a daughter, Kylie, and a dog, Myla.

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