Soccer star Ravel Morrison admits to using dead man's handicapped parking pass

 December 5, 2023

In a truly bizarre development, professional soccer star Ravel Morrison has admitted to using a dead man's handicapped parking badge. 

According to the Daily Mail, Morrison paid a £1,000 fine after admitting that he had purchased the deceased man's identification so he could use parking spots reserved for people with disabilities.

Player ordered to pay court costs and victim surcharge

The star was caught using the fraudulent pass this past May in Manchester, England and resulted in police impounding his Audi S3, which he later recovered.

In addition to the £1,000 fine, magistrates also ordered Morrison to pay £508 for court costs along with a victim surcharge of £400.

The Sun recalled how in addition to Manchester United, Morrison has also played for other teams in the United Kingdom as well as Sweden, Italy, Mexico, Holland, and the United States.

However, the paper noted that Morrison had a controversial history, a fact that former teammate Paul Caddis discussed during a recent appearance on the Undr The Cosh podcast.

Teammate describes Morrison's "unbelievable" talent

"He just came with an entourage, a massive entourage," Caddis explained. "Everywhere he went. He couldn't drive, but he had f--king three cars. They were just full of people, full of people."

"I remember one day, [assistant manager] Terry McDermott came up, 'Right, Ravel can't leave the training ground. The police are here for him,'" Caddis continued.

Still, Caddis praised Morrison's "unbelievable" talent, stating, "He could see things that people couldn't see, he could make passes, he could dribble, he could f--king go and get the ball back. It was a joke, absolutely unbelievable to watch."

Critics slam Morrison's abuse of handicapped parking pass

News of Morrison’s illegal behavior provoked expressions of outrage on the social media platform previously known as Twitter.

One user complained, "Disabled people have to go through so much red tape to get what they're entitled to, and this able-bodied footballer thought it was OK to cheat the system."

Meanwhile, another user made light of the situation by posting a GIF of Homer Simpson parking in multiple handicapped spots.

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