Social media users mock Jill Biden's New Year's Eve dress

 January 3, 2024

First Lady Jill Biden made a television appearance alongside her husband on New Year's Eve. However, images of the event have gone viral for all the wrong reasons.  

As Newsweek explained, Mr. and Mrs. Biden were turned up on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest."

Mr. and Mrs. Biden wish Americans a "healthy and happy New Year"

The two took time out of their vacation in the Virgin Islands to be interviewed by Seacrest via video call, during which they wished Americans  a "healthy and happy New Year" while encouraging them to be "positive, optimistic and kind to one another."

Mrs. Biden could be seen wearing what Newsweek described as "a black bejeweled dress with a sheer neckline and sleeves trimmed with black glitter."

Yet the magazine noted how the first lady's attire was met with derision by some users of X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter.

Social media users compare Mrs. Biden's dress to "Christmas gift wrap"

Among the detractors was former Trump advisor Roger Stone, who unfavorably compared Biden to her predecessor, writing, "Jill Biden is no Melania Trump."

He wasn't alone in voicing criticism, as another X user complained that the first lady looked "like she lost a fight with my great grandma's tablecloth."

Meanwhile, one woman declared that Mrs. Biden "has no fashion sense" and insisted that her outfit resembled "Christmas gift wrap."

Other's came to the first lady's defense, with one person declaring that "there are more important things to worry about than what she's wearing."

Poll shows Biden has lost ground with African American, Latino, and young voters

One thing the first lady may be worried about is her husband's poll numbers, as a survey aggregate maintained by the website Real Clear Polling shows him trailing behind former President Donald Trump by 2.3 points in the national popular vote.

What's more, a recent survey carried out late last month by USA Today and Suffolk University suggests Biden is struggling badly with African Americans, Latinos, and young voters. All three are demographics groups which the Democratic Party has traditionally counted on.

The poll found Biden's support among African Americans stands at just 63%, down from 87% three years ago. Further, Trump appears to be beating him with young and Hispanic voters, both of which the president carried by significant margins in 2020.

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