Soft-on-crime Bronx judge pulled from overseeing criminal cases: Report

 April 22, 2023

It's not just Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg who's responsible for New York City's insane crime problem. The city is riddled with judges who think the same way. 

One of those radical judges is Supreme Court Judge Naita Semaj, who, according to the New York Post, was just pulled from overseeing criminal cases as punishment for her hostile and bizarre behaviors.

According to law enforcement sources familiar with the situation, the judge, who recently released an alleged child-killer without bail, among other travesties, will begin her new job overseeing civil cases next week.

Semaj is also reportedly under fire for " abusive and unprofessional courtroom antics," according to the outlet.

What's going on?

While it's a good thing that she'll be taken off the criminal case beat, it's scary that it took this long for it to happen.

The Post noted:

The move to pull Supreme Court Judge Naita Semaj from her current post comes as she battles an ongoing judicial probe into claims of abusive and unprofessional courtroom antics, as well as the controversy over her recent decision to free alleged killer stepdad Tyresse Minter without bail.

The decision to free Minter without bail was so controversial that it took New York Governor Kathy Hochul's intervention to lock him up.

Being soft on crime, in general, is bad enough. But being soft on suspected child killers? That's unforgivable.

“When it happens, it’ll happen,” Court Officers union President Dennis Quirk told The Post on Friday, adding “I believe it’s going to happen, but they won’t give any warning up front.”

The audacity

In a previous report from The Post, it was revealed that Semaj, despite facing multiple controversies, requested a promotion to one of the most prestigious positions on the New York judicial scene.

The outlet noted:

The post on the Appellate Division, First Department, is one of the most influential and prestigious in the New York State court system. Cases heard by the appeals court involve violent street crimes, as well as white collar, government and commerce offenses and big ticket divorces.

Clearly, Semaj missed the mark on that idea, and her demotion knocked her career down significantly.

Hopefully, more radical progressive judges and prosecutors will face the same consequences. Demoting her was a start, but there's still much work to do.


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