Some conservatives fear pro-Trump rally could be targeted by FBI

 August 24, 2023

NBC News reported that conservative activists organized a rally outside of the Fulton County Jail on Thursday ahead of former President Donald Trump's arrival. However, some Trump backers expressed fear that the event could become an FBI trap. 

The network pointed to posts on Truth Social and Twitter in which conservatives warned of the potential for federal agents or Antifa members to create a "setup."

Comparisons made to January 6

"Watch out for the FBI and antifa/blm to stir up a riot," one social media platform user called "Ultra Maga" was quoted as writing.

Others recalled the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill and made statements such as, "Be careful, it could be a setup just like the J6."

There has been considerable suspicion among Republicans that agent provocateurs may have played a role in the January 6, with fingers pointing towards rally attendee Ray Epps.

Crowd denounces Trump's latest indictment as "a bunch of bulls--t"

However, not all of the former president's supporters were deterred by concerns over possible interference from federal officials or left-wing activists.

For her part, event organizer Laura Loomer complained that local law enforcement had staged a show of force in an attempt to intimidate demonstrators.

Organizer complains of First Amendment violation

"Sheriff’s officers are violating the First Amendment right of Trump supporters and the media who showed up to the Fulton County Jail today ahead of President Trump’s arrest," Loomer wrote.

"Officers with black masks and guns placed barricades up in the location where the rally was supposed to take place today. The barricades were not used yesterday," she continued.

"This is an effort by Fanni Willis to suppress free speech and to stop the rally from taking place outside of the Fulton County Jail," Loomer insisted.

"The actions seen in this video are yet another attack on our civil liberties and the US Constitution," the conservative activist concluded.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
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