Some protest as Biden tells Howard graduates white supremacy is America's biggest threat

 May 15, 2023

Politico reported that during a speech this weekend, President Joe Biden singled out white supremacy as the "most dangerous" threat in America.

Yet despite the president's harsh rhetoric, some in the crowd expressed disbelief about his intentions. 

Biden tells black students that they face the "most sinister of forces"

Biden made the claim on Saturday while speaking to graduates of Howard University, a historically black college in Washington, D.C.

"White supremacy … is the single most dangerous terrorist threat in our homeland. And I’m not just saying this because I’m at a Black HBCU (historically black colleges and universities). I say this wherever I go," Biden said.

The president later insisted, "Fearless progress toward justice often means ferocious pushback from the oldest and most sinister of forces."

Some attendees were unimpressed with Biden

"That’s because hate never goes away. … It only hides under the rocks. And when it’s given oxygen it comes out from under that rock. And that’s why we know this truth as well: silence is complicity. We cannot remain silent," Biden declared.

"Let’s be clear: There are those who don’t see you. Who don’t want this future,” he continued, adding, "There are those who demonize and pit people against one another. There are those who would do anything and everything, no matter how desperate or immoral, to hold onto power."

Politico noted that not everyone in attendance was enthusiastic about Biden's message, as the audience "was dotted with students’ signs criticizing the Biden-Harris administration’s treatment of African Americans."

One of them referred to the death of Jordan Neely earlier this month as a lynching. Neely was a New York City homeless man with a long history of violence.

President accused of stirring up racial strife

Meanwhile, some Twitter users accused Biden of using the speech to try and gin up racial strife ahead of next year's election presidential election.

Despite Biden's claim that white supremacists are the country's deadliest threat, FBI crime data suggests white people are more often victims of interracial homicide than they are the perpetrators of it.

According to the FBI's 2019 Uniform Crime Report, 566 white victims were killed by attackers from a different racial background while the race of another 83 assailants was not reported. Meanwhile, white criminals murdered just 303 non-white victims, with the race of another 51 victims being unknown.

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