Some Republicans support primary challenge to House Freedom Caucus chair Bob Good

 April 2, 2024

Since taking office late last year, Speaker Mike Johnson has presided over a slim and at times chaotic Republican majority.

One example of that chaos is the attempt by some members of the House Republican Conference to remove Rep. Bob Good.

Some Republicans rally around primary challenger

According to Just the News, a group of Republican lawmakers are supporting a primary challenge in Good's Virginia district by former Navy SEAL John McGuire.

Leading the charge against Good is Wisconsin Republican Rep. Derrick Van Orden, who told CNN in an interview this past weekend that "Bob Good didn’t come here to govern."

"If you look at what we have not been able to accomplish in this Congress, it’s predominantly because of Bob Good and his ilk," Van Orden added.

Good says his voters aren't concerned with Van Orden's criticism

Meanwhile, Just the News quoted Good as telling CNN that voters in his district have "never heard of Derrick Van Orden."

"They could (sic) care less what Derrick Van Orden thinks. RINOs, establishment moderates do nothing to influence Republican primary elections," the Virginia congressman insisted.

"Conservative, courageous warriors like those endorsing me today and being here with me today are the ones who my constituents care about," he added.

Just the News noted that Good serves as head of the conservative House Freedom Caucus and is one of eight representatives who joined with Democrats in voting to oust former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Marjorie Taylor Greene supports McGuire

The Washington Examiner noted that McGuire is being supported in his primary challenge by Georgia Republican Rep. Marjoie Taylor Greene, who opposed Good's effort at unseating McCarthy.

For his part, McGuire has questioned Good's Republican credentials, telling the paper, "If you are helping the Democrat team take out the Republican team, who is the RINO?"

One potential campaign issue is the fact that Good endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the Republican primary race but then threw his support behind former President Donald Trump after DeSantis dropped out.

"I think the Trump team recognizes that I am a genuine Trump supporter," the Examiner quoted Good as telling the Washington Post. "I’ve said many times that he was the greatest president of my lifetime. I supported him in 2016. I supported him in 2020."

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