Some suggest Biden should consider pardoning Trump

 June 14, 2023

Several 2024 Republican presidential candidates have either vowed to pardon former President Donald Trump should the need arise, and some have entertained the possibility. 

Still, one other person could pardon Trump - President Joe Biden. Some have suggested it might be a smart political move for the struggling president.

In a Washington Times piece, it was suggested that it's not out of the question for Biden to make such a move, depending on the outcome of Trump's case. It added that pardoning Trump would undoubtedly come at a steep "political price."

The outlet suggested that such a move could be a way to "heal the nation" of the growing and bitter divide, especially in the wake of Trump's indictment.

KJP laughs

The possibility of Biden issuing a pardon for his predecessor gained interest in the media this week.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had more than a chuckle when asked about the possibility during a recent press briefing.

"Okay. And then, last question. I wonder, as it relates to the case that — that President — the former President Trump is facing: Is there any world in which President Biden would consider pardoning the former President?" Jeffrey Diamond asked.

KJP responded: "I’m just not going to speak to that. No comment. (Laughs.)"

Others have suggested that pardoning Trump could go a long way as far as unifying the nation to some degree.

Geraldo likes it

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera recently entertained the idea, and explained why he believes it would be a smart move.

"Biden pardoning Trump-the way Ford pardoned Nixon- IS a good idea. This clemency to include inciting the violence of January 6th, the Mar-a-Lago documents case & any other federal allegation.
Clemency would require a pledge by Trump that he will no longer seek the presidency," he tweeted.

Only time will tell if Trump is in a position where Biden would consider a pardon, but we live in crazy times, so anything's possible.

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