"Sound of Freedom" dominates box office following Trump endorsement

August 2, 2023

Breitbart reported late last month that former President Donald Trump endorsed the movie "Sound of Freedom" and held an outdoor screening of the film at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

That appears to have been a major win for the film, with Breitbart noting on Tuesday that it has since gone on to dominate the box office. 

Trump "visibly moved" while watching film

According to the website, Trump appeared "visibly moved" during the screening and "didn’t budge from his seat for the movie’s entire running time."

Seated in the front row near Trump was the film's director, Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, as well as its star, Christian actor Jim Caviezel.

Also in attendance was former Department of Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard, on whom the film is based. Ballard went on to form the anti-child trafficking group Operation Underground Railroad.

Trump says human traffickers should face death penalty

"I hope you enjoyed it," the former president was quoted as telling those in attendance. "It’s something I’m not sure if you’re supposed to enjoy or learn —  it’s a combination."

"But that was a great movie. Now I understand why it’s doing so well," Trump continued before praising Caviezel, saying "it was an honor getting to know you."

After seeing the film, Trump released a statement in which he called for human traffickers to face capital punishment.

"I will urge Congress to ensure that anyone caught trafficking children across our border receives the death penalty — immediately. And that includes, also, for women, because women as you know are No. 1 in trafficking. Children are actually No. 2," Trump declared.

"Sound of Freedom" trumps box office rivals

"Together we will end the scourge of human trafficking and we will defend the dignity of human life," the former president went on to insist.

Meanwhile, Breitbart pointed out that total domestic box office revenues for "Sound of Freedom" will soon exceed $150 million.

That puts it well ahead of big budget Hollywood features like "Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One" and "The Flash," which have taken in $139.2 million and $107.9 million respectively.

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