Sources in Fulton County DA's office say White House plant is directing Trump case

 March 1, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' attempt to prosecute former President Donald Trump appears to be falling apart amid growing evidence that she lied under oath about her relationship with attorney Nathan Wade.

However, the case took a bizarre new twist this week when allegations emerged that a White House plant is guiding Trump's prosecution. 

"He is the one pulling all the strings"

That's according to several sources within the Fulton County District Attorney's Office who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

They maintained that Deputy District Attorney Jeff DiSantis serves as a conduit to the Biden administration and helped to orchestrate Trump's indictment last summer.

"DiSantis did this," one source told the website. "He’s the one. He is the one pulling all the strings. He was in every important meeting. He is the brainchild behind this. That is the connection to the White House."

A second source agreed, stating, "DiSantis is the one pulling the strings on this whole thing. Everybody heard Fani testify. It’s no secret that she’s not smart. That is how she sounds and acts every day of the week."

Meanwhile, a third course insisted that "[a]nyone that has common sense knows that the White House has been involved in this prosecution."

"There’s not one conservative person on that grand jury"

Breitbart pointed out that DiSantis has a far more impressive resume "than the average county employee" who previously served as the Georgia Democratic Party's executive director as well as deputy director of compliance for the DNC.

What's more, his official biography states that DiSantis has been "a campaign manager, media consultant, pollster, press spokesman, research director, and policy advisor" for a variety of Democratic candidates.

One source said that DeSantis made use of his political experience to stack Trump's grand jury in the prosecution's favor.

"Part of why you’re raising money as a candidate is to get money to buy the data about who are your voters," the source explained.

"DiSantis, as the former head of the state Democratic Party, he’s going to know you know [the data] in Georgia," the source pointed out, adding, "There's not one conservative person on that grand jury."

Former White House aide paid DiSantis six figure sum

Meanwhile, Breitbart reported on Thursday that Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show DiSantis received four payments totaling $131,335 from Rhode Island Democratic Rep. Gabriel Amo, a former White House aide.

The payments were made to 20/20 Insights, LLC, a consulting firm which DiSantis operates while simultaneously working in the Fulton County District Attorney's Office.

This is despite a source telling Breitbart that DiSantis would have had to sign an oath that prohibits outside employment by prosecutors.

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