Speaker Mike Johnson facing mutiny in the House over spending deal with Democrats

 January 13, 2024

Speaker Mike Johnson is just months into his time as Speaker of the House and is already facing a serious mutiny.

After striking a deal with Senate Democrats, hard line Republicans are demanding he renege on the deal. Meanwhile, more centrist Republicans want Johnson to stand by his deal in order to maintain trust with Democrats. 

Furthermore, should Johnson renege on his deal with Democrats, he's risking a government shutdown on January 19th.

By all accounts, Johnson is finding himself in the same spot as his predecessor, Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) who was thrown out by the same hard line Republicans that are threatening Johnson now.

At this stage, its hard to imagine he will escape this situation with his status intact. In fact, just months after McCarthy was tossed out, Johnson may meet the same fate.

Speakership doomed

Johnson has been on the job for 78 days and he has been a massive disappointment for conservatives who hoped he would fight the Democrat Party and force real changes.

Instead, Johnson has been more of the same and is striking deals with Democrats that do little to change the status quo.

Steve Doocy, a co-host of “Fox and Friends," explained that "The Republicans in the House are in such disarray, the Speaker of the House is hanging on to his job by a thread."

Due to the small majority that the Republican Party holds, it won't take many Republicans to oust Johnson should Democrats chose to vote him out like they did with McCarthy.

Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) suggested that he is open to deposing Johnson and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) threatened that "If those [bipartisan] deals are going to be made, then absolutely that's on the table."

Hardliner Republicans don't want bipartisan deals where Democrats and Republicans exchange favors. They want radical changes to combat problems that have festered and grown exponentially worse with each "bipartisan" deal.

Johnson's failures

Johnson is more concerned with restoring regular order in Congress then he is with slashing spending and forcing the Biden administration to make massive changes to the nation's broken immigration policy.

The United States is in extreme debt and inflation is out of control which is crushing American's spending power. Johnson shouldn't be making deals that won't bring genuine relief to Americans who are suffering economically.

Americans want real change and Johnson's backroom deals with Democrats aren't going to bring about real change. If he truly is more of the same, he shouldn't be surprised if he is thrown out like his predecessor.

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