Special counsel behind indictment Jack Smith an 'Obama hit man,' Trump says

 June 12, 2023

It's no surprise that Attorney General Merrick Garland has chosen someone to prosecute former President Donald Trump under a federal indictment for allegedly mishandling classified documents who, with his family, hates him and wants nothing more than to see him destroyed.

Trump called that special counsel "Trump hater Jack Smith" and said he was an "Obama hit man" on Monday when Smith was appointed to oversee the indictment that by then, Trump knew was imminent.

On Truth Social, Trump highlighted a post from Gab that alleged members of Smith's family including his wife hated Trump and gave money to the Biden campaign in 2020, then made his own comments about Smith.

He said,

And I’m supposed to get a fair shake from this person, who’s under tremendous pressure from his family, but he is actually worse than they are? Can Republicans, and fair-minded people, generally, allow this to happen? Jack Smith is nothing less than a hit man for Obama, his Attorney General Eric Holder, and Andrew Weissmann. Weaponization. Our Country is in big trouble, a real mess!

Smith involved in IRS scandal

Smith was intimately involved with Lois Lerner's use of the IRS to target conservative groups. He served as head of the DOJ's Public Integrity Unit from 2010 to 2015 under then-AG Eric Holder.

Smith's actions were some of those Republicans wanted investigated by a special counsel, but that effort failed.

"This sounds fair, doesn’t it? The 'Justice' Department is CORRUPT,” Trump said of Smith's actions.

The Justice Department isn't even pretending to choose an impartial special counsel, because they know their case is weak and they don't have a chance of making any charges stick with someone impartial.

Trump-appointed judge

Their case may already be tough to make with Trump-appointed Judge Aileen M. Cannon presiding. 

Cannon was the judge who temporarily halted the FBI's access to the documents after they raided Mar-A-Lago and appointed a special counsel to oversee the case.

She certainly seems at least fair and should be able to throw a big monkey wrench into the case.

Just maybe, she can keep the DOJ from railroading Trump and give him a chance to defend himself against their onslaught.


Why do Obama, Biden, and other Democrats hate Trump so much?

This is why: if he succeeds, it means they failed miserably because he is the opposite of them in just about every way. They can't allow that to happen.

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